In 2012, AlmaLinks received the award for “Outstanding Contribution to the State of Israel & the Jewish people” from the Taglit-Birthright steering committee & the Government of State of Israel.


  • Manuela Zoninsein

    CEO and Founder, Smart Agriculture Analytics (SAA):

    “Based in Beijing, one often flips between two opposing perspectives: either that we are the center of the world or that we are lost on the globe’s edge, teetering on the brink of being forgotten. Being involved in AlmaLinks has opened my eyes and opened doors to an incredible array of brilliant, ambitious, creative and, most importantly, generous young Jewish businesspeople.”

    Manuela Zoninsein
  • Greg Gurevich

    Managing Partner / Founder Maritime Capital:

    “While on a recent trip to Israel I was able to leverage the Traveling Member program that let me tap into the AlmaLinks network in Israel. AlmaLinks actively made multiple introductions for me to many leading figures in the Israel tech community. I was able to network with leading peers in Israel who I would have never been exposed to otherwise and was able forge meaningful professional and personal ties as a result. I’ll definitely be back.”

    Greg Gurevich
  • lgal Erlich

    Founding father of the Israeli venture capital industry:

    “The idea and vision behind AlmaLinks is important and uniting different generations of business professionals from all over the world, will create an influential community to promote Israel’s global economic interests. I have found that by donating my time to AlmaLinks, I am able to make an impact on those who can be impacting Israel for many years to come.”

    lgal Erlich
  • Aharon Horwitz

    CEO and Founder 40Nuggets, Co-Founder, PresenTense:

    “AlmaLinks has given me an incredible network in the Jewish business universe, and facilitated connections and introductions that have been key to our company’s success. It’s inspiring to see how in the two years I’ve been involved it’s grow to a global network, with cutting edge technical infrastructure, and a clear mission to support young Jews in the business sector and keep them connected to Israel and the global Jewish community.”

    Aharon Horwitz

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